3 Easy Things To Do For You Today!

The holidays are a time for reconnecting.

Reconnecting with friends, family and even acquaintances is enhanced during the holiday season. What is equally important is to take the time to remember who you are and who God created you to be.

Stress, business, and overcommitment can steal your joy and the precious time we have to enjoy this gift of life.

Here are some tips to not only help you de-stress but to encourage you to spend time refocusing on the whole reason we are on this planet:


Singing is proven to be one of the greatest ways to get oxygen to the brain by taking breaths in between verses and it gets air to the lungs. Singing worship songs, in particular, sends a positive, loving message to your brain and reminds you of who you are in Christ.

Singing improves aerobic capacity and decreases muscle tension. We are more mental alert and us ae releasing endorphins while we sing! Even our immune system gets a boost when we sing.

So turn up the tunes and belt out a few good songs throughout your day.

Soak your feet

Walking and even just standing on your feet all day can add tension to your whole body. Just like your brain needs a break from the chaos, your feet will be happier when you rest them, too.

At the end of your day, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet in a bucket.  Read a book, watch a movie or just stare at the flames in the fireplace.

Want to know what to put in the water for a special treat? Try Vinegar and Listerine! This concoction is going viral for its ability to soften your feet. Even if it doesn’t remove all the calluses, it will still leave your feet refreshed and clean and keep you off your feet for a few minutes. Give it a try!

Pull out the photo albums

Going through old photo albums and reminiscing is a great way to remind yourself that life has had some very special moments. Take the time to remember who you are at the core and the people you have impacted along the way.

Our legacy is not about the stuff we leave behind but the contribution we make on this earth and the influence we have on others. Let Jesus take you down Memory Lane and bring to mind the people you have touched. Let Him restore your energy to keep you going through the holidays and remind you that your life matters.

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