3 Of The Best Courting Gifts Ever – Part VI


Finding a gift for the person you are courting or dating can be a bit tricky.

If you are just getting to know each other, you might not be sure about where you stand, and that can make it challenging to buy the “right” gift. Or maybe you have been dating for some time, and there is likely a proposal on the horizon but you just aren’t sure when that will happen.

Here are some suggestions to help you clear the fog and give a gift that has value beyond anything this earth can offer:

  1. A Personalized Bible

Buying someone a new Bible is an eternal gift. Yes, that person may have the Bible they have used for years, and it is the “go-to” Bible. Nonetheless, a new and different Bible can often be a way that God will bring passages to light and help that person grow deeper in his or her faith. By engraving the name on the leather or writing a favorite verse on the inside cover, a moment happens that is hard to explain without using the word, “Divine.”

  1. Devo Or Study For Two

What a beautiful way to grow deeper in a relationship with Christ and each other by giving a gift to experience together! What a beautiful testament to the commitment you have to court God’s Way and stay focused on the path He chooses. Pre-marital counseling may be a long way off, but this will give you a great start towards healthy Christian love relationships and keep you on track.

  1. Bible App

Very few people live without a Smartphone. Why not choose an app that fits with the theme of your courtship or where the other person is in their walk with Christ? Having a devotional that is portable is nothing new but having an app that came from the person you are courting is a gift that has everlasting value.

Giving the gift of the Word of God in whatever vehicle can redefine the relationship and ensure that the Love between two people remains pure and Godly as they grow closer together. What a wonderful way to say, “I love you!”

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