3 Ways To Out-Serve Each Other – Part IV


A dear friend once said, “The only competition in a loving relationship is to try to out-serve each other.

What would the world be like if we all tried to out-serve each other? A random stranger runs over to help you load groceries in your car. Your teenage son empties the dishwasher for his sibling that is running late for school. Your Aunt helps you bake cookies for your fundraiser.

Acts of service is an expression of love that is often tangible and has measurable results. Of course, it is possible for acts of service to be one-sided but amazing things happen when both people serve each other in a relationship.

Luke 22:27

For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.


Jesus said He came to serve not be served. He allowed others to serve Him as a demonstration of how love and respect provoke random acts of kindness toward those you love. When our hearts are soft and pure and our minds are set on Christ, our service toward others is compulsory. If our love language is not acts of service, we can still express love by serving when we keep these three things in mind:

  1. Bigger

Think of what you want to do for another person and then multiply it times 2. Example: If you take a meal to a sick friend, why not take 2? If you plan to vacuum the house for your spouse before she gets home, why not clean the bathroom, too?

  1. Better

Add just a little something to make it special. If you are making dinner for your boyfriend, make his favorite meal including desert. If you are shoveling the driveway for your neighbor, make it wide enough for two cars, not one.

  1. Faster

Don’t hesitate. Acts of service are not nearly as impactful when someone has to ask. Beat him or her to the punch. Do it before the other person even thinks about it. Get to her car door to open it before she does. Clear the dishes from the table before you are asked.

Jesus served and was served. We can do the same. Letting someone serve us is a way of letting go of the pride of having to do it ourselves and letting the other person’s act of service be more important than the outcome. Be grateful, gracious; serve and be served with all humility and no expectations.

What is your love language?

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