3 Ways To Prepare For Love

In love relationships, there needs to be a clear understanding of God’s part and your part.

Christian singles looking for love may have the desire to wait for God to bring the right person to them, but often the waiting is more passive than what God might have in mind.

How can a Christian take active steps toward a healthy, loving, Godly relationship while waiting patiently for God’s will and in His timing?

Most Christians would agree that God has very specific person in mind for us to share that special kind of love. They might also agree that if it is His will, that person will be made known by God in His timing.

Matthew 6:10

Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We want God’s Will, not our own so how can we be proactive and still wait on the Lord? Waiting for love does not mean you sit idly at home and hope that the love of your life walks up to your door and rings the bell one day. Just like anything in life, there is God’s part and your part.

So what would be the ways in which a single person could “wait” for love?

  1. Pray for your future spouse

There is no limit to the need for prayer on this topic. And not just a generic, “bring me the person of my dreams,” prayer. This is the biggest commitment you will make in your life, make your prayer a priority.

  1. Pray for yourself

It takes a full surrender to God to become the person you need to prepare for courting or dating with marriage in mind. Whether your parents were the best model for love or not, you have formed ideas and beliefs that may not be in line with what God wants for you.

  1. Pray over your priorities

To prevent emotions from taking over, it is important to put a great deal of thought into the right priorities concerning love relationships so that you don’t end up settling for someone other than the person God has in mind.

It is prudent to plan for important life stages with God’s input. We are careful to plan when buying a home, attending college, or choosing a career. Doesn’t it make even more sense to meet with God in prayer regarding the person you will marry?

Need more practical steps? Use THIS LIST as a guide for more ideas.

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