The Joy of Adopting Chloe

Adopting Chloe 

A Story of Infertility, Adoption, and God’s Love

Adopting Chole

Walt and Annie struggled with infertility for several years, but God had a precious surprise for them that was in the works. If you’re tender-hearted, grab a Kleenex, and hold on for an incredible story of hope filled with joy in abundance as you watch their story. This may be the best video you see all day as you watch “Adopting Chloe.”

God says “See how much I love you?”

Source: Moving Works

39 years ago I adopted my son who brought me the same joy that Chole has brought Walt and Annie. I’m so grateful the Lord chose me for Matt’s mom.  Then 8 years later God blessed me twice: 30 years ago I adopted another joy-bringer: Allie. Both are children from my heart! Adopting Chloe, adopting Matt, adopting Allie  . . .  or any other child . . . brings joy that cannot be measured in any way.

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