How To Give Up Worry


During some pretty tough chapters in my life, Luke 12:25 was a constant reminder for me to give my worry, fear, and anxiety to the Lord.

As I look back on those tough times, I can see God’s hands supporting me as I waded through trials that were so thick they felt like mud at times and quicksand at other times. Thankfully, God taught me how trustworthy and dependable He is, even as other people let me down. His strength carried me, and His strength became my own strength. He made me strong. He became my Rock.

Worry does not usually knock on the front door and ask to be invited inside. It sneaks in, pitching a tent, setting up a home base. It takes its time, never overpowering us all at once. It feeds our minds a teaspoon at a time, sharing little cynical nuggets one issue at a time.

And we begin collecting these worries, and before we know it, we have become a worry wart.

Yet, we all know what Luke says is true. We know worry is not part of God’s itinerary for our lives. Worry belongs to the enemy of God. And he wants to rob us of the joy we have through Jesus, steal our peace, and create havoc in our hearts.

God promises to give us everything we need (not want) so relax and let Him provide for you.

God expects us to be ready -and willing to be ready- to move and follow His lead. He is completely trustworthy, and His plan for us will happen at the right time. We can’t add one single hour to our life – or for that matter, one single minute.

So give it all up, and toss those tent stakes into the garbage bin. And trust in the Lord instead.

Adapted from: Seeking Jesus

(note: I found a little red clock like the one pictured above to remind me of the truth of Luke 12:25. It helps a lot!)


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