Don’t Forget to Love ~ Ben Piershale

“When we forget to love, we bankrupt our own words, making them hollow and meaningless.”

Ben Piershale

Ben Piershale

It’s so important to demonstrate the love, the grace, the kindness, and the joy of Jesus Christ to every single person we meet.

People want love.

In fact, we crave love and seek it in many ways. Sometimes, perhaps more than you’d like, there are people who don’t want your love, let alone the love of Jesus. But keep on sharing it anyway. One day, when they are deeply hurting, they may reach out to you because you once showed them the love and grace of the Lord. It happened to me once and I pray it happens many more times.

Until then, we must all do what Jesus has asked us to do: share His love. Offer grace. Show kindness. And be a joy-bringer. Make a difference in this often gloomy world of ours.

Joyful Times Today is proud to present Ben’s  video: The Crumbling Church. Don’t let the title distract you: watch this thought provoking video and share it with your friends.

Source: Ben Piershale


Help me to show love to everyone I come across.  Fill me with Your Spirit, and guide me as I seek those who especially need a dose of Your amazing love.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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