Bible in a Year, Day 133

Bible in a Year

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Welcome to the Joyful Times Today chronological study of the Bible in a year, complete with inspirational graphics. We’re so glad you’re joining us!


Day 133

1 Chronicles and 2 Samuel

It’s been an incredible journey for us all as we travel through the Bible chronologically, hasn’t it? I’d wondered how this study would incorporate Psalms since there are 150 chapters.  I’ve enjoyed the back and forth motion of reading Chronicles and Samuels with the Psalms. We’re passed 1/3 of our journey so I feel we’re all gaining a lot of wisdom and Biblical knowledge.

Also, we have new people who have joined us late, and they are making comments along the way too.  I feel like I’m getting to know you by your comments, and continually wish I could respond to your comments. Maybe I could stop sleeping so I would have more time. That won’t happen! Just remember I have to approve them so I do read them.

When it comes to thinking about giants, I’m mesmerized.  Because God has it recorded, these men must have been much larger.  You might enjoy taking a peek at images on Google.  Type “Philistine Giants” and you’ll find a lot of images. Some silly, some good.

Bible in a year

1 Chronicles 20

The Capture of Rabbah (1-3)

Philistine Giants Killed (4-8)

Bible in a Year

Source: Ultimate Bible Collection

2 Samuel  11

David and Bathsheba

Bible in a Year

2 Samuel 12

Nathan Rebukes David (1-14)

David’s Child Dies (15-23)

Solomon’s Birth (24-25)

Rabbah Is Captured (26-31)

Bible in a Year

While you are reading and you come to your favorite verse or learn something new, leave your thoughts in the comment section below and bless others in our community! We read all of your comments! 

Final Words

For introduction information, how to read the Bible, links, and more, go to the Joyful Times Today chronological Bible reading plan Day 1.

If you join us late, no worries, because you can catch up, HERE! Stay with us through the whole plan and you’ll receive the gift of a custom bookmark with your name and favorite verse from the year!

Please check in below so your name will be recorded, so you are counted as part of the years study.

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