Bible Knowledge Quiz #11

“Deuteronomy is a relational document more than a legal document.”

Deuteronomy is rich with the appeal to build relationships based on love, not law. Even long before the time of Christ, there is evidence of our deep need to do the right thing because we love others, not because we are forced to by rules. Read the Asbury Commentary below and see how Yahweh influences the heart of the message. Then, scroll down to take this week’s Bible Knowledge Quiz!

ASBURY BIBLE COMMENTARY – Deuteronomy Theological[1]

The biblical writers first and foremost reported the activity of Yahweh in human history and in divine history. Their uniqueness lies in this role as Israel’s historians and theologians. Deuteronomy is thoroughly theological. Through Moses, the mediator of the covenant, Yahweh offers his kingdom to the people of Israel. The heart of Moses’ message is “Seek first the kingdom of Yahweh and his righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you.” This points clearly to the message that the new covenant Mediator, Jesus Christ, would later deliver to the Jews of his day. In and through Moses, the kingdom of Yahweh comes to the people of Israel; the kingdom becomes a potential reality. God encounters his people in his words/deeds.

One of the theological burdens of Deuteronomy, then, is to present to Israel the essence of the kingdom in God’s covenant words which reflect his loving, gracious, merciful character. They call Israel to commitment to him. The literary structure, the historical narrative, and the selection of words are geared to achieve this theological impact upon Israel and all subsequent readers of the book.

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