Bible Knowledge Quiz #3

Just finishing the reading on Job, we learned a lot about his suffering. 

Today, millions of people are suffering for various reasons and many times will ask God, “Why?” Though we may never have the answers this side of heaven, we can rest in the promise of God to never leave us or forsake and to always be in the midst of our suffering.

In the New Testament, Pauls suffered greatly. This commentary from gives a brief explanation of suffering as a Christian and how we identify with the suffering of Christ. (Scroll down to take the Bible Knowledge Quiz.)

“The Christian is not promised release from trouble but help in the midst of it. The implication is that if we are serving Christ, we will encounter hardships. This is a given of the Christian life, as it was a given in Christ’s life. As Paul puts it,the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives (v. 5). The Greek verb translated “to flow over” means “to exceed the measure.” Not only does God not deliver us from suffering, but he actually permits suffering to brim over into our lives. Yet this is not just any suffering but specifically the sufferings of Christ. What does this mean? It does not mean that we somehow complete what Christ failed to finish on the cross. The idea is, rather, that to identify with Christ is to identify with the suffering that was an essential part of his earthly ministry. What Paul articulates here is in essence what Jesus taught his disciples–to wit, that all who would come after him must deny self, take up the cross and follow him (Mk 8:34). Suffering overflowed into Christ’s life; suffering overflows into ours.


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