Bible Knowledge Quiz #4

The story of Cain and Abel is so tragic. 

I can only imagine what Adam and Eve must have felt to have their son killed by his own brother.  Dysfunction in families today is not new.  Family issues started at the very beginning of the world and continues today by people who do not allow the Spirit of God to change them into the person God purposed them to be.

God wanted Cain to be obedient and to learn how to love and be devoted in the same way as his brother, Abel.  But Cain had plans of his own and took matters into his own hands killing his own brother in anger. The story of Cain and Abel is an example to us all of the consequences of our sins when we do not surrender to God.

Thank you, Father, for sending your Son, that we have Jesus Christ as our Savior!

Genesis 4:10 (Commentary by Matthew Henry)

The conviction of Cain, Gen. 4:10. God gave no direct answer to his question, but rejected his plea as false and frivolous: “What hast thou done? Thou makest a light matter of it; but hast thou considered what an evil thing it is, how deep the stain, how heavy the burden, of this guilt is? Thou thinkest to conceal it, but it is to no purpose, the evidence against thee is clear and incontestable: The voice of thy brother’s blood cries.” He speaks as if the blood itself were both witness and prosecutor, because God’s own knowledge testified against him and God’s own justice demanded satisfaction.


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