Bible in a Year, Day 147

Bible in a Year

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Day 147

1 Chronicles & Psalms

There are some beautiful verses in these chapters, so don’t miss them as you read through the lists. As I searched for public domain images to complement the chapters, I found the following insight by Dr. Shibu Cherian on 1 Chronicles 25-27, which explains so much about David’s planning that we’ve been reading about yesterday and today. I love that David so carefully chose the people to carry on his ministry and kingdom.

King David made elaborate preparations prior to his death to gather the materials and funding to build the temple of God. Along with that, he also planned elaborately and selected people to serve the temple and his kingdom in various capacities according to their inherent gifts and talent for the common good of all the people of Israel. Each person was handpicked and given specific responsibilities according to his/her abilities so that the operations would go smoothly.1


 1 Chronicles 26 

Divisions of the Gatekeepers (1-19)

Treasurers and Other Officials (20-32)

Bible in a Year

 1 Chronicles 27

Military Divisions (1-15)

Leaders of Tribes (16-34)

Bible in a Year

Painting of King David (artist unknown)

1 Chronicles 28

David’s Charge to Israel (1-8)

David’s Charge to Solomon (9-21)

Bible in a Year

 1 Chronicles 29

Offerings for the Temple (1-9)

David Prays in the Assembly (10-22)

Solomon Anointed King (22-25)

The Death of David (26-30)

Bible in a Year

Psalm 127

Unless the Lord Builds the House

Bible in a Year

While you are reading and you come to your favorite verse or learn something new, leave your thoughts in the comment section below and bless others in our community! We read all of your comments! 

1.Cherian, S. (2011). 1 Chronicles 25-27. Retrieved from United in the Word website:

Final Words

For introduction information, how to read the Bible, links, and more, go to the Joyful Times Today chronological Bible reading plan Day 1.

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