Bible in a Year, Day 30

Bible in a Year


Welcome to the Joyful Times Today chronological study of the Bible in a year, complete with inspirational graphics. We’re so glad you’re joining us!


Day 30

Exodus 1-3

Congratulations! You’ve read all of Genesis and Job now! By your comments, I can tell for many of you this is a life changing event and I’m filled with joy that you’re reading with us. I feel a special kinship with you, and can’t wait to make each of your personalized bookmarks when we are finished in December (or later if you are joining us late).

I used to look at all the foreign sounding names of the Old Testament, not having any idea they actually meant something. Before we move on to Exodus, I wanted to share the three meanings of our current books with you:

Genesis means “in the beginning.”

Job refers to the man who didn’t lose his faith 

Exodus means leaving or going out.

Chapter 1

Israel Increases Greatly in Egypt (1-7)

Pharaoh Oppresses Israel (8 – 22)

Exodus 1

Public Domain

Chapter 2

The Birth of Moses (1-10)

Moses Flees to Midian (11-22)

God Hears Israel’s Groaning (23-25)

Moses in the reeds- Exodus 2

Public Domain

Moses- Exodus 2 Bible in a year

Chapter 3

The Burning Bush

Bible in a year - Exodus 3

While you are reading and you come to your favorite verse or learn something new, leave your thoughts in the comment section below and bless others in our community! We read all of your comments! 

Final Words

For introduction information, how to read the Bible, links, and more, go to the Joyful Times Today chronological Bible reading plan Day 1.

If you join us late, no worries, because you can catch up, HERE! Stay with us through the whole plan and you’ll receive the gift of a custom bookmark with your name and favorite verse from the year!

Please check in below so your name will be recorded, so you are counted as part of the years study.  Joyful Times Today is a place for discussion, so feel free to share thoughts, ask questions, and let us know you’re reading!

Every Saturday we will post a Bible Knowledge Quiz! CLICK HERE for the one from last week’s reading – Happy quizzing!

**Note from Becky: The enemy is going to try very hard to get you off track of reading God’s Word, so be aware of this. Keep on persevering and tell the evil one to back off.



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