Splish Splash This Bird Takes A Bath

Splish Splash, I’m Taking a Bath!

This sweet little bird has no fear of bathing in this man’s hands! What a perfect display of complete trust and vulnerability. I love this happy little creature splashing around in the water.

When I was seven years old, I found a cat with a baby sparrow in its mouth and came to the rescue! The newborn had just a few downy feathers and was sure to die.  Back then we were told a mother wouldn’t accept a bird back into her nest that was touched by human hands, but how would I even know where the nest was?

So I kept Peeper and nursed him with the help of my mother. Before too long, my new friend grew stronger, and real feathers started covering his body. For three years Peeper lived with us, in a cage until I came home from school, and then I let him fly around the room. And he took baths in my hand or in a saucer just like this:

Source: S A Parvez

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