Celebrating Our Much Loved Dogs

pepper on Libby's chair JTTI’m a dog lover.

I’ve loved many precious dogs in my lifetime. Right now, I’m “dog-less” because Pepper, my beloved Springer Spaniel, passed away. She showed me unconditional love every day. Today, with ministry travel taking me around the United States, I’ve decided to wait to bring home a new fur friend. But I’m a dog lover at heart and love meeting other people’s pups.

I miss Pepper.

I think often of her antics and wish I had some better photos of her, but she’ll be in my heart forever. She was so patient when I added accessories for her photo ops . . . I’m sure she must have been rolling her eyes though and thinking “here we go again!” I used to sit on my bed and read my Bible and she would snuggle up to me, resting her chin on the well-read pages. I love to imagine she is waiting in heaven for me.

Pepper as a reindeer for JTTJimmy Stewart read a heartbreaking poem he wrote for his dog, Beau, on the Johnny Carson show many years ago. It brought Johnny to tears . . . and me too!

Source: Johnny Carson

Today isĀ  National Dog Day here in America and I wanted to celebrate our forever friends by sharing this link to see some wonderful photos of these special animals we love so much.

Thank You, God, for all creatures great and small.



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