Christian Subway Art ~ 5 Free Printables

Making subway art is a fun way to share my faith

As an artist, I learned to make subway art decades ago using paint, paper, magazines, and even wooden letters. And then, a few years ago I started making it digitally for my internet ministries Joyful Times Today and Trust in the Lord, plus other Facebook pages. I recently became interested in making a giant piece for my living room and decided to share a little history with you plus give you some free printables.

Subway art is defined as a group of words or letters that are grouped together to make a statement. It’s actually a take off from the vintage New York City subway signs that use various fonts (typefaces) and sizes that get a message across. They can be any color combination, black and white and since art is doing anything that pleases you, hearts, stars or other icons can even be added.

 Vintage subway signs


You can take a collection of words, special dates, a Bible Verse or really anything at all to create subway art.  Try doing a Google search for interesting ideas if you want to try your hand at creating some.

Here are some free printables I made that you may share, save, use on Facebook, Pinterest etc.

I designed this for Trust in the Lord on Facebook.

Thanksgiving subway art 2015 by Becky Capps

I designed this using a tree shape rather than a boxy style for Trust in the Lord.  

Christmas Tree Jesus GCU

This was also designed for Trust in the Lord on Facebook.

Jesus Subway art Dec 1 2015

This is a card I designed that sells on Greeting Card Universe 

but you may download the front page.

pray without ceasing

This piece was created by Janet at Frugal & Focused and is free to download.

Jeremiah 29-11 subway art

Next week I’ll share  some more FREE subway art with you!


In case you aren’t familiar with the how to print them out, here are easy instructions

With your mouse, right click the image you want to print out. Click ‘Save Image as.’ Click SAVE. Print it out! Frame it!

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