Conversation Candy Hearts ~ Search Game

Conversation Candy Hearts

Do you love conversation hearts to eat, or simply to have fun with? We love looking for hidden things so we made our very first search game for you!

In the photo below find these words:

3 with happy faces

3 say joy

3 say Jesus

Conversation candy hearts

My friends Marlys and Ron have been leaving  little candy hearts around the house during Valentines week for each other for decades. It’s a fun way to proclaim their love and fun relationship.

valentines conversation candy hearts

Have a joyful Valentines weekend and share Jesus’ love with everyone you meet!

Becky Capps for Joyful Times

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  1. Marilyn Piche'
    February 12, 2016
    • Marilyn Piche'
      February 12, 2016
    • Becky Capps
      February 12, 2016
  2. Marilyn Piche'
    February 12, 2016

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