Day 12 – Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Day 12 of the Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Below, Watch Featured Artist: Blanca 

Study and Avoid

Study and Avoid from AlMenconi on Vimeo.

  Watch Blanca sing, “Greater is He” here…


Source: Youtube – Blanca – “Greater Is He” (Official Video)

Today’s Christian Music Challenge
Featured Artist: Blanca1

Born on February 10, 1986, Blanca Elaine Callahan, with the Christian name of née, Reyes, well-known by the stage name Blanca, is a Puerto Rican-born American Contemporary Christian musician. Until 2013, she was a member of Group 1 Crew. Currently, known as a solo artist, she stormed into the Christian music artist arena with her beautiful voice and unique singing style. On January 13, 2015, she released her debut EP, Who I Am EP, with Word Records. And on May 4, 2015 she released her first studio album, Blanca. The album “Who I Am” was charted No. 1 on Billboard Chart Christian Airplay. Her second release, Who I Am EP, was charted on two Billboard charts: US & US Christian.2


“Greater Is He”

by Blanca

I face a giant
In over my head
Help me to look up
I take a deep breath
And take the next step
Though I may be weak
I know who is with me
And greater is He living in me
Than he who is in the world
Whatever may come, His strength is enough
My heart is at peace, for greater is He
I face an ocean
The waves are raging
Help me to look up
You’ll do what I can’t
And I’ll walk on dry land
I’ll step out on the sea
‘Cause I know who is with me


And in His name, giants will fall
And in His name, oceans will part
And in His name, there’s nothing we won’t overcome
This is our God, this is our God
This is our God, this is our God3

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The Christian Music Challenge 2.0 Devotional is our 30-day series of short video devotionals to encourage you to understand God’s purpose for Christian music and to incorporate it in your daily life.
Christian Music Challenge
This devotional is based on Al Menconi’s book, The Christian Music Challenge, which in turn was inspired by the biblical principle found in Isaiah 26:3 that reminds us to keep our mind focused on Christ and biblical principles, causing us to experience the peace of God. This is NOT salvation but simply a means to help us grow in our faith.
We developed the wristband as a reminder to continually focus on transforming your mind while you are going through the devotional.
We developed the tee shirt to encourage all participants to engage the public. It will get people wondering until they read the Scripture reference under “washed.” Romans 12:2 commands, “…do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
That’s what the Christian Music Challenge will help you do. Brain Wash, Wash Brain = Clean Brain. We are all about renewing our minds, which is helping us to become transformed to the likeness of Christ.
We strongly encourage all parents and teachers to read the Christian Music Challenge book. This will help you understand the pressure your children are experiencing daily and enable you to communicate values to your children.

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