Day 2 – Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Day 2 of  the Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Below, Watch Featured Artist: TobyMac VIDEO: How Important Is Christian Music To You?

Is Christian Music Important to You? from AlMenconi on Vimeo

 Watch TobyMac sing, “Backseat Driver” here…

Source: Youtube – TobyMac TobyMac – Backseat Driver (Lyric Video) ft. Hollyn, Tru

Today’s Christian Music Challenge
Featured Artist: Toby McKeehan1

Born on October 22, 1964, Toby McKeehan aka Kevin Michael McKeehan, known by the stage name of TobyMac, is a popular Christian music artist. Styled as tobyMac or TOBYMAC, it is widely accepted that he redefined the contemporary Christian music scene in America. Apart from gathering accolades as a Christian hip-hop recording artist, people also know him as a hip-hop and pop artist, songwriter, recording artist, music producer, and author. He is the winner of total 7 Grammy awards.

Undoubtedly, TobyMac is one of the first and well-known Christian rappers. In 1987, he began his singing career as a member of Christian Vocal Trio – DC Talk. He started his solo career, after the hiatus of DC Talk in 2000, with the release of six studio albums – Momentum (2001), Welcome to Diverse City (2004), Portable Sounds (2007), Tonight (2010), Eye on It (2012), This Is Not a Test (2015). Barring these six albums, he has also three remix albums. Re: Mix Momentum (2003) and Renovating Diverse City (2004) is the result of his first two albums – Momentum and Welcome to Diverse City respectively, and Dubbed and Freq’d: A Remix Project (2012) is the outcome of his third and fourth album. In 2014, he released his fourth remix album – “Eye’m All Mixed Up”. In 2011, he released his first holiday album – Christmas in Diverse City. With Eye on it, TobyMac has become the only third Christian artist to make debut on Billboard’s top 200 charts. Moreover, he has charted 20 solo singles on Billboard’s Christian Songs list.

Over 10 million albums have been sold between DC Talk and his solo career – a shinning achievement of his career. He has had six numbers of No. 1 hit CHR singles including “Gone”, “Made to Love” and “Lose My Soul”. Moreover, his five singles have gone to No. 1 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart binding him with the Third Day for fourth on the list of artists with the most No. 1 hits on that chart. His live concert CD+DVD combo album, released in 2008 – Alive and Transported – helped him to receive the Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 51st Grammy Awards in 2009. His fifth studio album, Eye on It, also received the Grammy for the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 2013. Winner of 7 Grammy awards, TobyMac created his own reputation as a Christian Music Artist across the America.2


“Backseat Driver”

(feat. Hollyn & TRU)

Silly me, silly me, aye
Revertin’ back to my old ways
Them got to be in control days
Jump before I pray
Yo, I’m headed out the doorway
But I want Your way, Yahweh
From dirt roads to highways
You’re showin’ me a beautiful view from this backseat
But there’s lots of room and I never would have seen it if I wasn’t rolling with you
I don’t wanna be no backseat, (don’t wanna be) no backseat driver
I don’t wanna navigate, (don’t wanna, uh), won’t You take it over (take it over)
I don’t wanna ever doubt You, I’m lost without You Lord
I don’t wanna be no backseat, (don’t wanna be) no backseat driver
You got the wheel, take me where You wanna go
My heart is Your’s, no matter where we roll
Been backseat my whole life
Now I turned 16 so it’s time to drive
Buckle up, TRU behind the wheel
Got my iPhone bumping like (dom da dom)
GPS locked and the map was set
Thought I had it all right till the road went left
Spinning outta control in this Coupe de Ville
Now I’m sittin’ shotgun, Jesus take the wheel
I don’t wanna be no backseat, (don’t wanna be) no backseat driver
I don’t wanna navigate, (don’t wanna, uh), won’t You take it over (take it over)
I don’t wanna ever doubt You, I’m lost without You Lord
I don’t wanna be no backseat, (don’t wanna be) no backseat driverI’m putting my trust in You, putting my trust in You
It’s a little bit overdue, but I’m putting my trust in You
It’s a whole new journey, a brand new path
And Imma fix my eyes so I won’t look back
Tame this beating heart in my chest
Cause everything in me wants to jump ahead
So light it up, up
Don’t let it fade
Light it up, up
Show me the way
Light it up Lord, just like You do
No second guessin’, Imma move with You

I don’t wanna be no backseat, (don’t wanna be) no backseat driver
I don’t wanna navigate, (don’t wanna, uh), won’t You take it over (take it over)
I don’t wanna ever doubt You, I’m lost without You Lord
I don’t wanna be no backseat, (don’t wanna be) no backseat driver3

1 Toby Mac. (2016). Retrieved from Toby Mac website

2 Toby Mac. Retrieved from Wikipedia

3 Toby Mac “Backseat Driver” Lyrics. (2015) Retrieved from Azlyrics website

Christian Music ChallengeThe Christian Music Challenge Devotional is our 30-day series of short video devotionals to encourage you to understand God’s purpose for Christian music and to incorporate it in your daily life.
This devotional is based on Al Menconi’s book, The Christian Music Challenge, which in turn was inspired by the biblical principle found in Isaiah 26:3 that reminds us to keep our mind focused on Christ and biblical principles, causing us to experience the peace of God. This is NOT salvation but simply a means to help us grow in our faith.
We developed the wristband as a reminder to continually focus on transforming your mind while you are going through the devotional.
We developed the tee shirt to encourage all participants to engage the public. It will get people wondering until they read the Scripture reference under “washed.” Romans 12:2 commands, “…do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
That’s what the Christian Music Challenge will help you do. Brain Wash, Wash Brain = Clean Brain. We are all about renewing our minds, which is helping us to become transformed to the likeness of Christ.
We strongly encourage all parents and teachers to read the Christian Music Challenge book. This will help you understand the pressure your children are experiencing daily and enable you to communicate values to your children.

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