Day 3 – Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Day 3 of  the Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Below, Watch Featured Artist: Children 18:3

How Should We Respond When We Are Free?

How Should a Free People Respond? From AlMenconi on Vimeo.

  Watch Children 18:3 sing, “Afterall” here…


Source: Youtube – Children 18:3 Children 18:3 – Afterall

Today’s Christian Music Challenge
Featured Artist: Children 18:31

Founded in 1999, Children 18:3 is an American Christian punk band from Morris, Minnesota and a renowned name in Christian Music scene. The band consisting of three homeschooled siblings David (vocals/guitar), Lee Marie (Vocals/bass), and Seth Hostetter (drums) was originally formed as a five-piece ska band with Seth on drums, David on guitar, and some of their friends & acquaintances played other instruments like trumpet, bass guitar, and saxophone. Since 2007, after partnering with Tooth & Nail Records, the group has released four albums – Children 18:3 (2008), Rain’s a Comin’ (2010), On the Run (2012), and Come In (2015).

In an interview with HM Magazine, David revealed that they are quite surprised to get the reputation of a ska band. He had also admitted, as their friends wanted to become part of the band and wanted to play drums or trumpets, eventually earned them the tag of a ska band. He also said that it was not a conscious decision at all. In 2001, after experimenting with several bassists, three of them – David, Lee and Seth – left the band to create their own music – Christian Punk rock. One year later, David and Seth settled on their sister, Lee Marie, as the bassist of the band.

With their new punk rock sound, in 2004, the band recorded their first EP – Places I Don’t Want to Go – for the local shows. During the same time, Children 18:3 had entered the prestigious annual Music Tournament of the local – Club 3 Degrees’. One year later, in 2005, they were also awarded the grand prize of a free recording slot at the Winterland Studios in Minneapolis. Using this opportunity, the band record their second EP – Songs of Desperation – in which they invested their own money received from the Winterland Studios. They released the EP in 2006 and also sent a copy to Brandon Ebel, CEO of the Tooth & Nail Records. Effect came one year later, when Brandon Ebel, an admirer of their music and also one of the judges at the Music Tournament, signed them in 2008.

On 26th February 2008, they released their self-titled debut album – Children 18:3. In 2008, during Cornerstone Festival, Children 18:3, already a popular in the Christian music artist sphere, performed in 2 different sets – first on Tooth & Nail, featuring their then latest songs. And the second set comprising, older songs like “Don’t Even Try” and “The Cowboy Song” and a brand new song “Oh Honestly” rocked the crowd of the Festival.2



by Children 18:3

He came around the mountain with fire in his eyes
Driving half a dozen mares all glistening and white
He said ‘Where you think you’re going, son?’
I said ‘I don’t really know,
‘But I’m glad you’re here to ask me cause I was starting
to give up
‘And it made me think
‘I was wrong, I’ve been wrong’
After all, what was I born for?
You can’t go back and there’s no fast forward
Something that I can finally move towards
After all, what was I born for?
Now the waves were getting frisky, and I was nervous
with the wind
Straining at procedures, but we were starting to give in
In the flash and boom of thunder, I could swear I saw a
But then he smiled across the water and said ‘Step out of the boat’
And I stepped in.
Rain and wind, I stepped in
After all, what was I born for?
You can’t go back and there’s no fast forward
Something that I can finally move towards
After all, what was I born for?
storm and wind, i stepped in
After all, what was I born for?
You can’t go back and there’s no fast forward
Something that I can finally move towards
After all, what was I born for?
After all, what was I born for?
You can’t go back and there’s no fast forward
Something that I can finally move towards
After all, what was I born for?3

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Christian Music Challenge
The Christian Music Challenge 2.0 Devotional is our 30-day series of short video devotionals to encourage you to understand God’s purpose for Christian music and to incorporate it in your daily life.
This devotional is based on Al Menconi’s book, The Christian Music Challenge, which in turn was inspired by the biblical principle found in Isaiah 26:3 that reminds us to keep our mind focused on Christ and biblical principles, causing us to experience the peace of God. This is NOT salvation, but simply a means to help us grow in our faith.
We developed the wristband as a reminder to continually focus on transforming your mind while you are going through the devotional.
We developed the tee shirt to encourage all participants to engage the public. It will get people wondering until they read the Scripture reference under “washed.” Romans 12:2 commands, “…do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
That’s what the Christian Music Challenge will help you do. Brain Wash, Wash Brain = Clean Brain. We are all about renewing our minds, which is helping us to become transformed into the likeness of Christ.
We strongly encourage all parents and teachers to read the Christian Music Challenge book. This will help you understand the pressure your children are experiencing daily and enable you to communicate values to your children.

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