Day 5 – Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Day 5 of  the Christian Music Challenge 2.0

Below, Watch Featured Artist: Beckah Shae

Winning the Battle for Our Mind

Winning The Battle for Your Mind from AlMenconi on Vimeo.

  Watch Beckah Shae sing, “I’ll Be Alright” here…


Source: Youtube – Beckah Shae Beckah Shae – I’ll Be Alright

Today’s Christian Music Challenge
Featured Artist: Beckah Shae1

Rebecca Shocklee, known by the stage name of Beckah Shae, is an American Christian pop-worship singer-songwriter. Born on 1st September, 1978, with Christian name of Nee Wilson, Backah Shae has already made her mark in the Christian music artist sphere with her unique signing style. Signed to the independent record label company -Shae Shoc Records – co-own by her and her husband and producer Jack Shocklee, smoothened her career as a singer. She received her first Dove Award nomination in 2011 for the song “Life” under the category of Urban Recorded Song of the Year.

Moreover, she has also appeared on the albums like Jonny Lang’s Turn Around (A&M), TobyMac’s “Funky Jesus Music”, and Tonight (ForeFront) giving multiple dimensions to her career. Her onstage performance at the 2010 GMA Dove Awards with Tonight also earned her much recognition. She also co-wrote various songs that featured on the title-track of Montell Jordan’s album – Shake Heaven (Victory World Music). Currently, some of those co-written songs are featuring on Byron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers’ EP – Show Me the Way’s song “Everything Works Together”. She has also appeared on the movie soundtrack of “I’m in Love with a Church Girl”. She has shared her work on the CBN’s, The 700 Club and Revolution TV, hosted by JCTV’s “1 Music Village”. He appearance on the TBN’s Praise The Lord for its 2011 Christmas Special with Donnie McClurkin, earned her lots of recognition and appreciation.

Her avatar as a philanthropist prompted her to travel and promote across the globe for organization likes Kids Alive International – an organization that rescues abandoned and orphaned children. After her visit to Kenya in 2010, with Kids Alive International, she created a music video, “Imagine” – a song from her album LIFE, just to express her desire to involve everyone in sponsoring, adopting in those missions and make a commitment for those who really require help and need. Year later, she travelled with The A21 Campaign to Greece – an initiative to raise awareness of human trafficking – and acted as a “walking billboard” with matching shirts and taped mouths. In 2011, to raise funds for Youth Life Learning Centers (a program of Youth Life Foundation of Tennessee), she performed and joined the hands with the keynote speaker Dr. Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., at the Women and Girls Benefit Luncheon – held at the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville.2


“I’ll Be Alright”

by Beckah Shae

Verse 1 ~
Your eyes spinning all around like they
See it all
A thousand years just like a day
Your eyes never close
And there’s not a moment you grow tired
I’ve often wondered how it would be to
Lose everything and need
Nothing more than all you are
and all that you exist to be
Pre Chorus ~
Even when the world gets crazy
instead of watching it
I keep my eyes glued to you
and wait for what your gonna do
Cause I’ll be holding on to your promises yeah I remember what you said
If I fight the good fight
I’ma I’ma be alright
Chorus ~
Even if I lost my sight, I’ll be alright
Even with my last goodbye, I’ll be alright
Cause I’m yours and you are mine
and as long as I have you, I’ll be alright
Even when the pressure’s tight, I’ll be alright
Even when the darkness bites, I’ll be alright
Cause I’m yours and you are mine
and as long as I have you, I’ll be alright
Verse 2 ~
Your love is stronger than even death’s sting
Your heart is the only perfect beat
Your truth is life,
And everything that really matters to me
I’ve often wondered how it would be
To gain everything and lose my soul
Oh, but what a tragedy
If I lose you, I lose it all
Bridge ~
No matter what the people say
Long as you got me I’ll be ok
Nobody can compare to ya
Nobody’s like you, you’re mightier
Better, bigger, stronger,
You are higher, greater, wiser,
I know if you’re on my side,
I’ma I’ma be alright!3

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3 Beckah Shae “I’ll Be Alright ” Lyrics. (2015) Retrieved from Beckah Shae Youtube Channel

Christian Music Challenge
The Christian Music Challenge 2.0 Devotional is our 30-day series of short video devotionals to encourage you to understand God’s purpose for Christian music and to incorporate it in your daily life.
This devotional is based on Al Menconi’s book, The Christian Music Challenge, which in turn was inspired by the biblical principle found in Isaiah 26:3 that reminds us to keep our mind focused on Christ and biblical principles, causing us to experience the peace of God. This is NOT salvation but simply a means to help us grow in our faith.
We developed the wristband as a reminder to continually focus on transforming your mind while you are going through the devotional.
We developed the tee shirt to encourage all participants to engage the public. It will get people wondering until they read the Scripture reference under “washed.” Romans 12:2 commands, “…do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
That’s what the Christian Music Challenge will help you do. Brain Wash, Wash Brain = Clean Brain. We are all about renewing our minds, which is helping us to become transformed to the likeness of Christ.
We strongly encourage all parents and teachers to read the Christian Music Challenge book. This will help you understand the pressure your children are experiencing daily and enable you to communicate values to your children.

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