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I Discovered DEVO!

I’m exaggerating. I’m not the one who discovered the music group DEVO, but I hope Joyful Times Today will put them on the map in a much bigger way. If I had the money, I would produce this fantastic start- up group –  that’s how much I believe in them!

A few weeks ago Riley Benda reached out to me, as many readers do. Honestly, I never have time to open the many videos I receive, but the Lord prompted me to go back and open his link and listen. I’m so glad I did.

The joy of the Lord they exude is evident, and that is what drew me to these guys. DEVO fills my heart with peace as I listen and watch them praise the Lord. When they hit the big time, I will happily rejoice with them!

Here is the video that has captured my heart, the interview is below, with links to their social accounts.

I reached out to vocalist, producer, and pianist Riley Benda on Facebook and interviewed him recently.


Riley began his singing adventure in worship at the age of sixteen.  He said, ” I was a terrible singer at first – in fact, my sister was the trained singer in my family.”  But he began practicing and writing songs in his early college years, and he felt it eventually cultivated into something that sounded good.  He added, “It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that I received affirmation from God that music was the thing I needed to do to give Him glory.” Elijah Lutz (acoustic, electric guitar, backing vocals) and Bryan Sofsky, (mentor) are part of this remarkable group.




Riley shared that Devo started on a whim.

“We had planned a worship night event with another worship group in downtown OKC but it got canceled because of weather.  Instead, Elijah and I picked up the guitar and a mic and started singing our rendition of Sinking Deep.  Then we decided to record it on his phone.  With a little bit of editing, it looked and sounded great!  Our main prayer for Devo is that God can be glorified through the music.  We don’t really know what God has planned for it or why but we want to keep our passion alive by continuing to glorify the Lord.  We eventually would like to get in the studio and record originals but we’ll see. We pray God uses us in big ways for His kingdom.”

Riley noted that DEVO always jokes around. They both tried to pull this cool look off but said they are nerds on the inside.  They are just super goofy dudes that watch way too many movies and drink lots of coffee. As artists, they have big things planned. I pray God blesses their socks off, and I’m looking forward to more of their music and hearing the songs they have already written.  Where is that producer? Lord, step in, please!

Lyrics to Sinking Deep (Hillsong)

Standing here in Your presence

In a grace so relentless

I am won

By perfect love

Wrapped within the arms of heaven

In a peace that lasts forever

Sinking deep

In mercy’s sea


I’m wide awake

Drawing close

Stirred by grace

All my heart is Yours

All fear removed

I breathe You in

I lean into Your love

Your love


When I’m lost You pursue me

Lift my head to see Your glory

Lord of all

So beautiful

Here in You I find shelter

Captivated by the splendor

Of Your face

My secret place


And I’m wide awake

Drawing close

Stirred by grace

And all my heart is yours

All fear removed

I breathe you in

I lean into your love

Oh your love


Your love so deep

Is washing over me

Your face is all I seek

You are my everything

Jesus Christ

You are my one desire

Lord hear my only cry

To know You all my life (sing bridge two times)


I’m wide awake

Drawing close

Stirred by grace

All my heart is yours

All fear removed

I breathe you in

I lean into your love

Oh your love.



Let’s lift DEVO up in prayer, and watch how God uses these coffee-loving joy-filled guys for His glory!

Here are some ways to connect with DEVO:





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