Does Your Soul Feel Scorched?

I was choking on the dust, feeling that God was ignoring me as I swallowed my tears. 

Many years ago I felt far away from the Lord, and my joy was totally limp. I wondered why and couldn’t figure it out. I just knew I felt a great distance from the Lord. So I asked for His insight. And He handed it to me with the amazing love and grace He has for his children. He showed me how He is always there for me.

And He reminded me that I had moved.  

I took a few steps away from Him. And the few steps became greater distances until I found myself in a lonely desert experience. God never moved. Just me.

The enemy of God (and the enemy of my soul) pulled me ever so slightly away: enticing me to place my vision on the details of life. The enemy wasn’t dramatic about it, and it happened without me even realizing it . . . Until all at once, I feel stranded in an island of dry sand, parched for God’s love and His Word.

The great news is God did not leave me stranded in the desert.

He didn’t want me there any more than I wanted to be there. And so, He led me out of the sand.

God has used my sandy situations to remind me how important it is to put Him first. And in my case, my faith was made stronger:  after experiencing life without a constant daily connection with the Lord, I knew for certain I never wanted to return to that emptiness.

Three helpful hints when you’re going through a desert experience:

First, ask the Lord to lead you out of the desert. I promise He will. Be prepared to change though.

Second, spend meaningful time alone with the Lord every day. Turn off all noise makers in your home. Sit quietly in a place that you are comfortable, and open His Word to feed your dry soul. Try Psalm 40. (Bring Kleenex)

Third, be totally honest with God: tell Him how scorched you are and how you need His refreshment. Tell Him you’re sorry if you need to repent of sin. And trust Him with your life.

I’ll make you a promise: when you are spending time with God, just you and Him time, you will experience such wonderful peace, contentment, and joy that is inexpressible. Just like the flowing springs in Psalm 107.


Source: Seeking Jesus

Image source: Kelli Emmons Photography

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