Dressing For The Lord

Dressing modestly is key for women in a position of being a role model for little girls.

We are the ones that little ones look up to and how do we set the best example? Young girls today are so controlled by the media on how they should look and act that they don’t know whom to follow anymore. We can guide them to truth.  We know God’s heart about this subject, we are to fight against all these lies that destroy our women of tomorrow. Being healthy and proud of who we are by wearing appropriate clothing helps to guide them to a healthy self-image.


This doesn’t mean we need to be dressing down; we can look modest and still rock our designer outfits. When we dress we can make use of the following tips:

• Never let your outfits control your mood or personality. Those pointy shoes might cause you all sorts of sketchy reactions and aren’t we aiming for exactly the opposite?

• Make sure you are dressing in a way that shows you are proud to be who you are: a woman of God.

• Don’t wear clothing that makes you feel fat or unattractive. Girls, we don’t need this kind of negativity in life.

• If you are going out, you may need to decide between two outfits: the more casual one or the more stylish. Don’t you think it’s better to feel a bit overdressed than underdressed? Go for whatever makes you feel your best.

• Never let a small girl see you criticizing yourself. This will encourage them to explore self-criticism as well.

And most of all, you are not to let your clothing decisions determine who you are; we more than just what we wear.

Matthew 6:28

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.

Little girls are dressing up in a way that they see modeled in the world. We can do our part by showing them what real fashion looks like on a woman of God.

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