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Prayer is a comfort


“God knows our deepest longings, so why not talk to Him about them?”

Experiencing utter loneliness after an unwanted divorce, at first, I felt the only way to feel whole again was to marry once more. I was wrong. God showed me how His love could meet all my needs and satisfy me entirely. The closer I became to Him, the more I understood that He’d fill every rip, tear, and the hole in my heart. He used my alone times of silence, solitude, and surrender to Him to show me what real love looked like, His unconditional love, and I experienced the fullness of His grace.

If you have holes in your heart tonight, accept these words as assurance that God will fill them with His love. He’s the Divine Master at collecting our tears and taking our many sorrows, bringing us joy in the morning. And afternoon. And evening. He is my joy!


You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book? [1]

Psalm 56:8


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