Foreign Land Mission Trip

Comfort. Normality. Security.

For the majority of us, these are all spaces we live in almost every day. In a recent mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico, a city about two hours away from my hometown in California, I realized again how quickly comfortability can change. And not only comfort but the settings we find ourselves in, and how much we rely on them to make us feel safe.

As a group of us transitioned for a few days to unknown regions in Mexico, the people there slowly began to look different, but different in a unique way. The places we would go were so unfamiliar compared to anything we would have seen here in the States. The families consisted of children who had the full responsibilities of adults. The clothing they wore was much simpler than the earrings, color pallets, and shoe choices we know.

They had everything they needed to survive, yet we have everything we want and it’s slowly killing us inside.

They have unity, love, reliability, and know the grace of God more than any other people group I know. We have division, materialism, deception, and dispute more than any other people group I know.

I know that you’re probably thinking this is another one of those articles that talk about how we should be more grateful and is pessimistic about our way of living. Or, that you have to go on a mission trip to experience the love of Christ and be grateful for what you have.

But the truth is, why aren’t we more grateful? Why do we allow good things to become the reason we fight sometimes?  Why do we let too much become a means of sadness rather than more joy?

The reason is because it is not the things that are going to make us happy, but the people we’re surrounded by, the love of our Daddy up above, the things that really count.

Things and places can give us temporary comfort, but the love of God carries into eternity.

Choose today to feel grateful for what you have; choose to give rather than accumulate more. Choose to see the gifts as blessings and not empty promises needing something more each time. Choose to learn from those that have had no choice but to see life this way, because they’re the ones that truly teach you and me the love of Christ were destined to live by.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21

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