Forgiveness and The Password

Forgiveness and The Password

Forgiveness. One of the most powerful words that can bring us to our knees in gratitude for what the Lord has done for us. But what about when we have to forgive someone?

This morning as I was waking up, pouring coffee into my body, I was randomly reading titles that hinted at the various stories on Facebook links that popped up. Most didn’t get my attention, but one did.

It’s an older story; nearly two years old.  But I find older is better. I’m a testament of that!

TODAY contributor, Mauricio Estrella went through a painful divorce, and he shares how creating a new password changed his life and helped him on the way to healing. His journey fascinated me since I am such a visual learner, an advocate of the power of words, and love anything that brings me closer to the way the Lord wants me to be.

The cliff notes version has Mauricio creating a password to remind him to forgive his ex-wife. Every day he had to use his “forgive” password at work, and over time, this helped him tremendously. I hope you’ll take the time to read his full story listed at the bottom of this short article.

Corrie ten Boom had it right when she said: “Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment.” She understood what forgiveness was about after being held captive in a Nazi concentration camp. She told a story about a clerical error that allowed her to be released one week before all women prisoners her age were executed.


Source: Trust in the Lord

I’ve had to forgive people in my life who never even realized how deeply they wounded me. My relationship with the Lord is more important than holding on to the hurts people brought into my life, so I lifted the hurts to Him and forgave the offenders. How can I expect God to forgive me when I didn’t forgive those difficult people?

A few weeks ago writer Lisa Jander shared 4 Steps to Forgiveness here on JoyfulTimesToday. It’s a great article that will help you with opening the door to forgiveness.

As I go before the Lord in prayer, I know the Holy Spirit abides in me, and He can’t tolerate unforgiveness.  He will work on me until I give in to His will, so I’ve learned to move forward with forgiving others quickly, instead of postponing. Maybe I need some new passwords to remind me, too.

What password can you change that will help you in healing?



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