Funniest Table Tennis Match

Source: Official ITTF Channel

Watch as Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) plays against his good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan, (TPE) Tai-Ben International.This has to be the funniest game of table tennis in history!

It is rare that a sports event leaves an entire crowd, including the judges, roaring with laughter to the point of hysteria, but this table tennis match certainly managed that in only a few short minutes.

Starting out like any other competition between two world-class players, Saive and Chuang proceeded to delight the crowd with their antics and incredible rallies.

At one point, Saive and Chuang turn the entire table around then Saive takes a run past the crowd waving and smiling before they continue the crazy rally.

At one point, Chih-yuan mocked Saive giving his Belgian opponent CPR!

Watch this video and you will have a new respect for “ping-pong” and a have good laugh at the same time.

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