Funny First Date!

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I hear funny “first date” stories all the time, so this one has always been one of my favorites from 30 years ago.

Kim had been hoping for a date with a man she met in college. They had exchanged an occasional, “Hello,” shared the same Algebra class and even had a mutual friend.

Kim waited patiently and one day, Josh finally asked her out.

John is a gentleman, a well-mannered young man. He is smart, engaging, and interested in others, not just himself. His life experience and world travel are extensive and impressive. He has a sophistication that few young men have anymore.

Josh offered to pick Kim up for dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town. She was giddy and knew she needed to wear something special for this particular date. She needed just the right dress.

Kim is tall and lean so she can wear clothing that many of us dream of wearing. She is modest and classy, so the dress needed to reflect those qualities. And the simple black dress was a perfect choice, knee length with a soft scoop neck draped just below her collarbone. A simple strand of pearls completed the ensemble.

Josh picked Kim up promptly at 7:00 and complimented her on how she looked. She was relieved to know that she had not overdressed.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Josh pulled out her chair for her and gave her the seat with the best view of the harbor. Kim felt like she was in a dream, taking in the sunset, sailboats and the man playing piano softly in the corner.

The food server took their drink order and invited them to visit the soup and salad bar at their convenience. Sneeze guards had just become popular at the finer restaurants; theoretically, the plexiglass shield protected the food from germs.

Josh and Kim started at the end where four varieties of soup were presented. Once they each had a bowl of their own choosing, they moved down toward the salad fixings. Kim set her soup down so that she could build a salad on a separate plate using both of her hands. Kim successfully completed her creation and drizzled blue cheese dressing on the masterpiece. One final addition needed: a cherry tomato.

Because Kim was tall and in heels, it meant she would have to gracefully bend down to reach the tomatoes tucked in behind the olives. Ever-so-carefully, she grabbed a tomato with the tongs and placed it on the top of her salad.

She returned the tongs to their rightful perch, stood up and with salad in one hand and her soup in the other, started back to the table following Josh.

That’s when it happened. Her world went into slow motion dragging out every detail of the horrifying experience.

As Kim walked back to the table, staff members and customers alike stared at her, some in horror, some with pity and some flat out laughing. Kim felt something hit her foot. With both hands unavailable, Kim stood there in the center of the restaurant with bleu cheese dressing all over the front of her sophisticated black dress adorned by the ladle hanging from her pearls!

Kim and Josh have been married 23 years and their first date story still makes them and others laugh!


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