Give Me Jesus ~ Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey ~ Give Me Jesus

Give Me Jesus may be one of the most influential songs in my life today because I discovered something that kept my heart beating for the Lord in my swirl of busy-ness: music in bed.

And not just the daily music streaming from the radio or television, but from my iPhone, for a few precious minutes each morning.

Give Me Jesus

I primarily work from home or a client’s home, spend time at the university, and have few restrictions on my time other than writing deadlines, teaching, and a four-hour class every Monday. I f feel my life is a beautiful, creative, and colorful blur of motion; I don’t slow down enough. And I love it.

But last year I made a deal with myself, and I’ve been sticking to it nearly every day for several months. When I wake up, I don’t hit the floor running anymore. I stay in bed, praying for the needs of my family, friends, church, and ministry. My purpose was to use my bed as a mini-war room before I became distracted by life.

Sometimes I pick up my iPhone and check Facebook, Instagram, and Timehop before I make my way to the coffee pot. This morning I stumbled upon Danny Gokey singing Give Me Jesus and my heart was so uplifted, I closed my eyes and quietly soaked in the music.

All morning I’ve been humming the sweet song in my mind and soul. I happily found I could add this as my alarm sound on my iPhone too . . . no more angry buzzing noises for me!

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