Giving Gifts Like A Child

Adults are weird.

I went to a party recently where we were all asked to bring white elephant gifts.

What a strange exercise – you are bringing something to a party that you don’t want to give to someone you don’t know, but you know that they won’t want. Nice intro!

I went home with a VHS of a snowstorm. I don’t have a VHS player. I put my gift in the closet with the plastic toucan salt and pepper shakers. At least, I didn’t end up with the box of used razors. Ick.

I realize this is more of an icebreaker, and the gifts are meant to be funny, but some gifts simply are not worth giving or receiving.

We are a culture of accumulating stuff. Have a bad day? Go shopping and buy yourself gifts that make you feel better. Have a birthday next month? Tell your friends and family what gifts to get you so that you won’t b disappointed.


Maybe we need to take a lesson from children about giving gifts. Kids don’t seem to consider the logic or cost behind the gifts they give. A child will pick a bouquet of dandelions from the overgrown lawn to give to a friend with more value than a dozen roses. A little boy will make his mom a mud pie in the shape of a heart and deliver it with joy and a toothless grin. A little girl will spend hours with coffee filters, markers and pipe cleaners making butterflies for her daddy just to cheer him up.

1 Corinthians 12:4

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them.

When children give gifts, there is no doubt the Spirit is distributing them. They just seem to be so connected to the heart of Jesus that their only intention is to bring joy to the recipient. Kids don’t think about the label, the dollar amount or where the gift was manufactured. In fact, just the opposite. Most often, a gift from a child cost very little, was assembled in their own home, and the label simply reads, “Made with Love.”

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