‘Go Far’ Movie Honors The Life of Christopher Rush

“At the age of seven months, Christopher Rush was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and his parents were told he would be “no more than a dishrag, and dead by the age of two.” Christopher lived to be 30-years old, and in that time he achieved more than most able-bodied people do in a lifetime including becoming the first quadriplegic in the United States licensed as a scuba diver. He was the manager of his high school basketball team, he went to prom and he graduated from the University of Michigan with Honors and continued on to Wayne State Law School.”

This is a truly inspirational story for those of us who struggle with the obstacles that come our way. Christopher had a perpetual smile on his face and never gave up.

Go Far is an acronym Chris created that stands for:






Chris did not live to see his “Go Far” program completed but this movie is a tribute to the continued work and inspiration of Christopher Rush. His motto was, “You can, the key is to never give up.” And Christopher Rush live that motto out every day of his life.

For more information on the movie, you can visit the official site here at www.gofarmovie.com

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