Is Dating In High School Ok? – Valentine Dating Advice From Teen Katie Gregoire


Everybody’s doing it! Or are they?

If you search the Bible for the keywords “teen dating,” you won’t find anything. What you will find is hundreds of verses about love. But does teen dating fall into the category of love? Can someone that young actually be in love or is it something else?

*Disclaimer – If you are a teen or a parent of a teenager, teen dating is for you to discuss as a family to decide how it should be defined and what is right according to God.

That said, this verse cautions us all to take love slowly.

Song of Songs 8:4 

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

So, before you worry about being alone on Valentine’s Day, watch the video below where Katie Gregoire, relationship guru lists her top 5 reasons for not dating in High School:

    1. Dating in High School is silly
    2. Temptations you open yourself up to.
    3. Opportunities you give up on
    4. All the drama
    5. Heartbreak from breakups

Source: Katie Gregoire

Teen dating will always be controversial. You may or may not agree with Katie, but one thing is for sure, her commitment will keep her from making some regrettable mistakes in High School that others could easily fall prey to.

There is a big difference between “dating” and going on “dates.” Let’s look the possible differences:

Teen dating might mean:

  1. You are exclusive.
  2. You have labeled your relationship in a category that comes with expectations
  3. You have most likely let your emotions free creating a bond that is difficult to break.
  4. You are not open to other relationships
  5. Your emotions are primary and logic secondary
  6. You have made the other person the object of your worship, not Jesus

A “date” on the other hand, might mean the following:

  1. You are open to getting to know another person
  2. You are building your social skills
  3. You are refining your social virtues
  4. You are still able to focus on God and not a dating relationship
  5. You are thinking with your head, not your heart.
  6. You are free to pursue the life purpose that God has in mind without fear of loss.
  7. You are learning about yourself apart from the influence of another person
  8. You are flexible in opportunities for your growth and your passion.

Valentine’s Day is only one day of the year. If you are not dating anyone, don’t base one day of singleness on a lifetime of happiness.

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