Joy ~ 8 Ways to Encourage your Heart


After an unwanted life event ten years ago, I was determined to put my trust in the Lord, and I found His word brought me more strength that anything else. He gently placed little doses of joy in my heart to build me up, showing me how much He loved me and how He wanted to guide me on my new path ahead. He taught me to look for joy in everyday moments. He taught me to trust in Him to lead me as I learned to live a new kind of life without a husband.

Joy is mentioned over 200 times in God’s word!

And that isn’t counting words such as rejoice and joyful. In Psalms alone, it’s used 54 times in the New American Standard Bible. In 2016 we will bring you a lot of encouraging scripture, using inspirational graphics as a tool for you to embrace and help you remember what God has to say about joy.

I’ve had fun circling all the ‘joy-words” in my Bible with a special ink color to help me when I need a reminder – a small booster shot of joy.

Here are eight little doses of joy for you to tuck into your heart and share with others who need a little encouragement.


James 1:2-3

Joy - Psalm 30

Psalm 30:5


Psalm 32:11

Joy - Nehemiah

Nehemiah 8:10

Joy - Psalm 100:2

Psalm 100:2

Joy - Romans 15:13

Romans 15:13

Joy - Psalm 5:11

 Psalm 5:11

 Joy - Psalm 63:5

Psalm 63:5

My prayer for you and me:

Joy - prayer

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