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Joyful Times Today Paid Content Creator Internship Program 

Become a Paid Content Writer for Joyful Times Today
and Learn From the Very Best the Industry Has to Offer!

If you are looking for the opportunity to get some extremely valuable and FUN, hands-on experience in the realm of New Media Publications and online marketing with special focus on high-quality and engaging content: this is it! Joyful Times Today is offering a select group of individuals the opportunity of a lifetime and unlike most internship programs, you will be paid for your efforts.

Our program is 6 months long and during this time you will be working part time and learning, experiencing, accomplishing and performing tasks crucial to the success of our New Media Publication. This is real world experience at its best and with this internship under your belt, you will be exceptionally employable by just about any business with an online and/or social media marketing plan.

We do have some important requirements to lay out on the table first, and we will ONLY consider candidates who can meet these requirements. Please be honest about your qualifications.

Important Internship Requirements

  1. You must live and work in one of the U.S. time zones (for ease of communication) and commit yourself 100% to this program.
  2. You must be willing to dedicate up to half your working day to your internship, so if you have a side business or other projects going on, please make sure you can afford to allocate the necessary time, focus, energy and passion!
  3. We are looking for passionate, dedicated and committed individuals who are willing to put in the work, learn new skills quickly, meet deadlines and get a lot done in a short amount of time. We also want our internships to have a bit of personality and be fun!
  4. We want you to be largely self-sufficient, to take initiative and to not require constant hand-holding. We will give you the tasks and after that, it’s all up to you! We respect and appreciate self-motivation, initiative, and problem-solving skills.
  5. As with any job, there’s always a little “dirty work” – we call that “administrivia.” Those tasks that aren’t fun and exciting and our Joyful Times Today content writers must be willing to get involved in the tedious grind work that keeps an online business afloat. Remember, for every boring activity we channel your way, you will also be learning new, exciting things and mastering crucial skills.
  6. Make sure you understand and are on board with #5! We are serious about the volume of boring, grunt work we’ll require you to do. But, once again, we’ll also be teaching and mentoring you in all the other exciting skills, services and tools we use here at Joyful Times Today.

What is the “Content Compensation Model” for a Joyful Times Today Internship?

We have one of the most innovative and exciting structures for aspiring content writers.  There is an excellent article about how the Huffington Post compensates (without pay!)  Our model is distinctly different:

  • Exposure to a valuable demographic that is highly engaged – exposure which you wouldn’t get otherwise.
  • Work alongside other talented content creators but from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule.
  • Competitive setting to grow your skill set.
  • Skilled and seasoned mentoring and guidance to promote individuality and distinction.
  • Pay is upfront for writers when we accept their content
  • Share in a percentage of our revenue directly associated with that content.
  • Learn invaluable skills about how to effectively promote your content in a social media crazy world!

So, here is how it works:

  1. We pay $10 per submitted and approved article subject to the following conditions:
    1. Minimum 300 words, no maximum, but it should be AMAZING content if it goes above 1,200 words.
    2. Minimum 1 graphic, photo, infographic or video (all images must be royalty free, and you must certify that you have a license to the images) We will provide our free sources and guidelines.
    3. Influencer citations in referenced quotes (denoted by a source reference number in the content) which are “full citation” sourced at the bottom of the article which follow standard reference criteria. (If you don’t know how to do this, this is part of what we’ll be training you as an intern!)
    4. We do accept Sequential Articles (and pay per article), so let us know if you want to create a theme-oriented topic thread that would be published in order.
    5. You must select a Category based on our existing categories on the website, AND you must keep the content focused on “Joyful” and encouraging, uplifting, inspirational and happy content.
    6. You must agree to self-promote your content using the training we will provide you.  You’ve always wondered how to monetize your writing, well this Internship is going to teach you exactly that!
  2. We give you read-only access to our Google Analytics account to show you exactly how many visitors your content has generated.
  3. We give you read-only access to our Revenue sources associated with your content.
  4. In addition to your per article fee, we will pay an Evergreen BONUS Incentive Fee equal to Twenty-Five (25%) Percent of the total monthly revenue associated with your content. (For example, you submit an article and get paid $10.  At the end of the month, your page generated 2,500 visitors, and it generated $200 in Ad Revenue, you would get an additional $50 BONUS as your incentive compensation for having created and promoted that content.)
  5. There is NO TIME LIMIT to this BONUS Incentive, thus, the “Evergreen” which means as long as that article continues to generate traffic and Ad Revenue, you will continue to get paid your BONUS Incentive Fee.

Tips for becoming a Joyful Times Today Content Writer

Success leaves clues, so here are some easy things you can do to separate yourself from the crowd.  Use these strategies to move your application to the top of the pile.

  • Model your post after the style of one of the current writers in the targeted section for which you are applying
  • Send a short pitch to, emphasizing the most interesting aspects of your article (or story idea)
  • Send a complete package to, with pitch, author bio, and head shot
  • Commented on The Joyful Times Today Facebook page at until invited by an editor to write something
  • Developed a relationship with a current Joyful Times content writer by commenting on posts and ask for help submitting a piece to the editor
  • Contact the editor by email at

Why Apply for a Joyful Times Today Internship?

In 6 months, you will learn more here with us than you would in two years working on your own! We will essentially provide you with a crash course and highly valuable experience in New Media marketing and at the end of it all, you’ll be a dangerous content marketing master. Essentially, you will be mastering virtually EVERY aspect of creating; testing, launching, tracking, improving and scaling successful content creation and marketing campaigns.

You will learn the industry at a rapid rate and earn a little cash while doing so. Working half time also gives you the freedom you need to keep studying, work that other job or maintain a bustling social life. Additionally, while we cannot guarantee it – if you are a good fit for our team – we may offer you a job position at the end of your internship with us!

The Ideal Joyful Times Today Internship Candidate…

  • Has some experience with creating successful blog articles and high-quality, engaging content and is familiar with the WordPress platform.
  • Has existing social media accounts with some level of following, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, and others.
  • Knows what a social media “Influencer” is and knows about how to do “Influencer” targeting, researching and identifying high-value Influencers, writing content to embed Influencer citations, mention Influencers in social media accounts, etc.
  • Is fascinated by and passionate about New Media content creation.
  • Has some experience with and knowledge of social media marketing, Internet networking tools and the associated technologies like BuzzSumo, BuzzStream, and HootSuite.
  • Is looking for the perfect opportunity to practice what they know and master what they don’t, while being mentored by a team of experts.
  • Is fun, have a great personality, get along with people well and know how to work hard and dedicate yourself to the job.
  • Can demonstrate some sort of track record of great achievement, dedication, ability, diligence and past success, whether it’s in business, for your community or perhaps the results you achieved at college/school.
  • Is a well-rounded person with passions and interests that eclipse a concern for money and business.

If you strongly believe that you are the perfect fit for Joyful Times Today’s internship program – and only if you truly do – please fill out the form below!

Joyful Times Today Intern Application Form