Kiss A Ginger Day

My daughter is a redhead. Every day is a “Kiss a Ginger Day.”

When she was very young, her pediatrician said the red hair would probably disappear by the time she turned ten-years-old.

So what would any good parent do? I never cut those beautiful locks and let her red mane fly in the wind as she bounced through her toddler years.

Instead of trying to debunk the myths about redheads like, “they have hot tempers” or “redheads are going extinct”, I would rather tell some funny stories about my redhead.

Once, we were playing the alphabet game in the car. We took turns coming up with foods that started with the letters in sequence. My daughter was a phonetic speller so this was a challenge when her brother told her she would not be able to come up with a food that begins with the letter “q.” In her determined response she said, “Yes I can! What about cucumber!” He laughed and told her that started with the letter “c.”

She repiled, “Fine then, what about crackers?”

My redhead is very independent. As young as I can recall, she would wander off and when found simply state, “I know where I was, and I was fine!” No fear.

Another time she was put in a timeout on her bed and was told, “Do not to get off the bed until Mommy comes to get you.” When I checked on her ten-minutes later, I was tickled at her ability to make a party out of a consequence! She had skillfully been able to reach the switch for the ceiling fan and then opened her underwear drawer without getting off the bed. She was laughing hysterically as she threw the garments into the ceiling fan and watched them fly around the room! Oh my goodness!

Gingers are individuals just like the rest of us. Many gingers are teased because of their hair color when in fact they should be seen as God’s creation just like you and I. God does not mistakes, and God has endless creativity and is not limited by hair or skin color.

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Kiss a Ginger Day is simply a reminder for me that we are all uniquely and wonderfully made.  What fun it must be to have hair the color of the sunset or the color of a rose! We can celebrate the beauty in that without categorizing a ginger as something other than another one of God’s creations.

I will say, my daughter has an amazing personality, generosity, enthusiasm, talent, and intelligence. I could say it all came from her red hair but then how would I explain the same thing about my equally amazing son? Instead, I  give God credit for the way he chose to create these beautiful human beings.

The bottom line is that red is a hair color. Kissing the top on my daughter’s red head was just as significant and kissing the top of my son’s head. Love equal: every day was “kiss a ginger day” and “kiss a dishwater-blonde” day. Since they both live too far away to in participate in “kiss a ginger day,” I’m going to go right now and kiss my husband’s bald head!



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