Lindsey Stirling: A Hallelujah Surprise

♥ Hold on to your hearts! ♥

Lindsey Stirling has been given a gift: a beautiful gift of sharing her talents with the world.  Playing violin since she was 5 years old, she went far in the America’s Got talent competition: to the quarter finals!

This video shows her performing an instrumental version of wonderful song “Hallelujah” on her violin in a busy train station with people milling around, basically more involved with their cell phones than their surroundings. Sounds like all of us, doesn’t it?

Lindsey Stirling will amaze you with her words at the end, sharing her faith in Jesus Christ.

Lindsey has over 7,400,000 views on YouTube with just this song and you’ll soon see why. After the video is a link to learn a little more about this amazing young woman!


Source: You Tube Lindsey Stirling

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