Sharing Joy Through Love in Action, 99 Year Old Goes on a Free Shopping Spree!

Sharing surprise gifts is a beautiful expression of love in action!

A cart full of joy is Donna Goldstein’s gift this December to needy children.

Donna  celebrated her 99th birthday at her local 99 cent store with a  love in action experience. The employees at her local California store know her spirit of giving very well since she had recently purchased Thanksgiving gifts  for a local charity. To celebrate her kindness, Donna was given a shopping spree for her  birthday  where she was allowed to fill the cart to the brim with items from the store.

Instead of stocking up for herself, Donna used her gift to stuff stockings to bless needy children. She is one of our Love-in-Action examples today!

Laurie Perez reports.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

I’ve always dreamed of winning a shopping spree like Dennis the Menace did many many decades ago on television. However now that I’ve seen what Donna did, my emphasis immediately changed to the desire to mimic her sweet spirit of generosity.

Wouldn’t it be fun to save coins in a jar all year long and in November use them at your local dollar store and fill your cart with gifts for families in need? I need to start a coin jar today!

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