Never Without Love On Christmas

She sat by the crackling fire with her usual cup of coffee. Mesmerized by the flame, tears came to her eyes as the reality hit her. She was alone – no family, no friends, no man by her side.

This was not the first Christmas by herself. She wasn’t sure when her family and friends saw that as “normal” for her and stopped inviting her to spend the holidays with them. Now she didn’t even contemplate the people she might offend and the guilt trips that followed. Somewhere along the way she had made the decision; it was clear and irrevocable.

This day, this remarkable day was not a day she was willing to share with anyone – except Him.

As the fire warmed her cheeks, the thought of Him warmed her heart. She imagined a time many years ago where she was ruled by the emotions she had nurtured along the way; anger, bitterness, resentment and self-pity had become close friends. She whined about the injustices of her life and demanded that others knew what a “good person” she was and that she deserved to be loved.

Her earliest hope for a fairytale love had somewhere along the way melted into a string of unmet expectations followed by a rigid rule for how the love of her life should magically appear, with no room for margin.

The corners of her mouth turned upward as the irony of her situation washed over her. Her belief about love had been so wrong. She knew that now – and was grateful for the revelation. Love was not something that could be manipulated, forced or even deserved. It was something, she discovered, that was right there all along. A beautiful, unconditional Love that transformed everything she had known and believed. This Love was different from any love she had ever experienced; there was no way to even compare One with another. Love unspeakable. Love divine. Love undeniable.

So there she sat once again on Christmas Day, worshipping her One and Only with the precious gift of her time. Resting quietly alone in His Presence, her only desire was to thank Him for the Love He lavished on her. It was her present to Him and no one else.

She knew Love now. There was no uncertainty, no confusion and nothing could ever take that away from her. She wept, she worshipped, she laughed, and she was still. No more anger. No more bitterness. No more resentment or self-pity. This Love had washed away all her fears and changed her heart. All she could do is praise His Holy Name: Jesus.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this moving video:

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