internPaid Content Creator Internship Program For Writers

We are currently looking for Content Writers to join our team! This is an exciting opportunity for the right individuals looking for a PAID 6-month internship with a fun, JOYFUL company striving for excellence. (If you were looking for the Guest Writer/Contributor Page, not the Internship, click HERE)

With the PAID internship, you will receive a broad spectrum of hands-on experience in every area needed to grow your brand as a writer. With this internship under your belt, you will be exceptionally employable by just about any business with an online and social media marketing plan.

Here is what we are looking for in our writers:

  • You must speak fluent English and have exceptional grammar.
  • We prefer US based writers but will consider outside the US.
  • Motivated and disciplined to work from home and meet deadlines.
  • We are looking for 3-7 unique content articles/writer/week and open to more if quality permits. We want to make sure you can afford to allocate the necessary time, focus, energy and passion!
  • Willingness to learn all aspects of branding including website posting, image creation, and social media promotion.
  • We also want our content writers to be passionate about writing and have fun!

***Oops! If you were looking for the Guest Writer/Contributor Page, not the Internship, click HERE

Internship Program Content Writers receive:

  • Exposure to a large, valuable demographic that is highly engaged.
  • Work alongside other talented content creators but from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule.
  • Competitive setting to grow your skill set.
  • Skilled and seasoned mentoring and guidance to promote individuality and distinction.
  • Pay is upfront for writers when we accept their content
  • Share in a percentage of our revenue directly associated with that content.
  • Learn invaluable skills about how to effectively promote your content in a social media crazy world!

So, here is how it works:

  1. We pay $10 per article that is submitted, approved and meets these guidelines:
    1. Minimum 300 words (no maximum, but it should be AMAZING content if it goes above 1,200 words)
    2. One featured image per article.
    3. Influencer citations sourced.
    4. You can choose any or all of the available categories or topics.
    5. Content should be focused on “Joyful” and encouraging, uplifting, inspirational, happy subject matter.
  2. In addition to your per article fee, we will pay an additional 25% Percent of the total monthly revenue associated with your content! (For example, at the end of the month, our Google Analytics show your post generated $200 in Ad Revenue. You have just earned and additional $50 BONUS!)

***Oops! If you were looking for the Guest Writer/Contributor Page, not the Internship, click HERE

Ready to get started?

In 6 months, you will learn more here with us than you would in two years working on your own! We will provide you with a crash-course and highly valuable experience in Online Branding and Marketing. You will learn to master virtually EVERY aspect of creating; testing, launching, tracking, improving and scaling successful content creation and marketing campaigns.

Working part time from home gives you the freedom you need to keep studying, work another job or maintain an active social life. Additionally, while we cannot guarantee it – if you are a good fit for our team – we may offer you a position at the end of your internship with us!

If you strongly believe that you are the perfect fit for Joyful Times Today’s internship program – and only if you truly do – please fill out the form below.  We will follow up in an email or call within the next couple of business days.

Joyful Times Today Intern Application Form