Running on Empty

I panic whenever my gas light comes on to show my needle is on ‘E’: Empty.

While I shouldn’t, it seems fear trumps faith each time, as I think of a myriad of scenarios that can take place, and before long, I envision myself stranded in unfamiliar territory with goons and guns waiting to snatch me off.

Hope plummets simultaneously with the lowered gas needle, and the blinking ‘E’ mockingly glares back at me. Unfortunately, that ‘E’ doesn’t signify “enough”, but rather “empty”, and so I would be going nowhere fast if I don’t fill up my tank at the nearest gas station.

Just as there is an urgency to top up my car with gas when it runs out, so too should I be keen on refilling my spiritual life with God’s Word when I’m low.

A full car can take you many places in the natural. A Spirit-filled life can transport you to the supernatural.

My car has had more problems than a group of troubled teens, and tinkering around it every day and nursing it like a child, has risen my temperature higher than the temperature gauge itself. God has used my car to teach me patience, especially when I become exasperated with the countless overheating problems that only make my blood boil and burn a hole in my pockets.

Romans 12:12 

 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Could it be that my car is an indication of my spiritual life? A life that is constantly in need of cooling down when tempers flare and I am prone to becoming overheated . . . A life constantly in need of being filled up with His spirit, as I would fill up my car with gas . . . A life that starts giving problems as soon as God rectifies one: a life that is constantly in need of His work on me.

Like a mechanic, He spends as long as it takes to fix and fine-tune every area of my life that needs tightening. He does not slumber and removes what is necessary for me to function effectively as a Christian.


God usually indicates to us when our spiritual lives are low and require a refill of His Word. Whether we get a nudge to go on a fast, take a social media break, spend more time in prayer, or read the Bible, He ensures that we have the tools necessary to keep us filled up on Him.

The quest to stay filled up with God’s Spirit brings to mind Casey J’s song “Fill Me Up God”1

If you provide the fire
I’ll give you something to burn
I’ll provide the sacrifice
If you provide the spirit
If you pour out your spirit
And I will open up inside
And I will open up inside

So fill me up God
Fill me up God
Fill me up God
Fill me up

Are you running on ‘E’? Do you feel like an empty vessel in need of repair? Life has a way of draining us and making us feel empty, but I know a Mechanic who never sleeps and will work on you no matter how late you visit Him with your problems.

1. AZlyrics. (2015).”Fill Me Up”  Retrieved from AZlyrics website

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