Spiritual Spring Cleaning

A friend of mine did some spiritual “spring cleaning” a few years ago.

She spent a whole weekend alone with the Lord. During this time, she asked God to reveal to her any unconfessed sin in her life.

This woman had been a Christian for many years, having accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was a child. She attended church regularly throughout her life so who would have thought she would have any unconfessed sin in her life? I purposely didn’t call her during that weekend, but the first thing on Monday morning I asked: “Well, did He?” Frankly, I was shocked when she replied, “In staggering numbers!”

In staggering numbers!

Who could believe it? But yes indeed, the Lord revealed the sins in her life that had gone unconfessed for many years. There were the times she had treated her younger sister unkindly, the times she had been rebellious to her parents. Other sins remained forgotten over the years. Perhaps these were not what some would call “deadly sins” but they were, nevertheless, considered to be sin by God. He was certainly not hesitant in reminding her of them because she had, after all, asked him to do just that.

My friend quickly wrote letters to her sister and her parents asking them to forgive her for her unkind and rebellious ways. Forgiveness from each of them was quickly forthcoming and offered much relief and cleansing to her. She also took care of the other items on her list that needed repentance.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

 Psalm 51:10

Her experience made me consider that I too might have some unconfessed sins in my past.  I began asking the Lord to reveal to me if there were any actions for which I needed to ask forgiveness. He was gracious in showing me my long-forgotten errors. Since that time, I have made it a habit from time-to-time to ask God to remind me of any recently unconfessed sins.

It’s surprising what I can forget when it is convenient for me because I don’t want to admit the error of my ways. That little devil on my shoulder whispers in my ear, “Don’t worry. It’s okay. Nobody will know.” BUT GOD knows, and I know that He knows! That’s all the incentive I need to roll up my sleeves and have a good old fashioned “spiritual spring cleaning.” A clean heart is a joyful heart!

Www.joyfultimestoday.com does not promote any one denomination, but the following article found on “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America” [1] just had too many good verses about cleaning your spiritual house. I hope it will bless you and remind you, as it did me, to do some spiritual spring cleaning!

[1] http://www.elca.org/Living-Lutheran/Seeds/2013/05/130516f

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