St. Patrick’s Day Fun

St. Patrick’s Day

Four Leaf Clover Search


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day: here’s another fun search by Duldolf.

There is a four leaf clover hiding amongst the cute pigs.

St Patrick's Day

Source: Duldolf

Duldolf is the artist behind Find the Panda and Find The Cat Searches we’ve shared here on Joyful Times Today, and, of course, this Four Leaf Clover search. The owls and cat search was drawn by creative Hungarian cartoonist  Gergely Dudas, also known as Dudolf. We’ll bring you more fun searches as soon as we find them!

Gergely Dudas, also known as Dudolf, is a creative Hungarian cartoonist. We’ll bring you more of his fun searches as soon as we find them!

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