Starbucks Red Cups = Possibilities of JOY!

Starbucks Red Cups: an open surface to decorate!

We met. We pondered. We brainstormed.

We met the great Red Cup challenge of the decade!

Being ever so diligent and concerned, the Joyful Times Today Team decided to come up with a solution for Starbucks plain red cups. They can thank us later with free coffee for our lifetime. 🙂

It’s so simple, we’re surprised someone else didn’t come up with it.  Or maybe they did and we’ll need to share our lifetime supply of coffee.  We hope not.


Before you go to Starbucks,  buy a sheet or two of Christmas stickers at Hobby Lobby or your favorite craft store that proclaim your favorite sentiment and place one on your cups! You’re welcome! 🙂 If only all of life was this uncomplicated, right?

Starbucks_my edited cup

But seriously: What actually will probably happen as you sip your mocha latte is you’ll find your cup will attract a lot more attention than a cup generically decorated in mass production.

And hopefully your little sticker will open the door for fun, thoughtful and meaningful conversations about why you celebrate Jesus this season. Jesus is the reason . . . not undecorated red cups. (Although red is my favorite color and I couldn’t be happier!)

Merry Christmas to all, or as my favorite comedian says:

Some don’t like the phrase “Merry CHRISTmas”

so as a compromise I have decided to just say “Happy Jesus Birthday.”

Michael Jr. Comedy

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