Tapping Into Our God-Given Talents

Everyone has talent . . . except me . . .

We all know her: when she sings, her lilting voice puts you in a trance while you, on the other hand, have perfected the art of bathroom opera. When she dances, she’s like a graceful gazelle, while you struggle not to trip over your own feet while walking. Her acting skills are fit for Broadway, and she also writes and speaks…and not only does she do them all, she does them well.

Evidently when talents were being distributed, she joined the line multiple times and skipped a few persons. As for you, you’re struggling to identify even one thing you’re good at . . .  I was that person. “What on Earth am I here for if there’s nothing significant that I can do?”

The problem wasn’t that I didn’t think I lacked talent . . . I just always discredited myself and figured I was a ‘Jane of all trades, Master of none.’ I would compare myself to those around me and compare the quantity and quality of their treasure, instead of trying to unearth mine.

Talent is often presented in seed form and needs time, nourishment and proper care to develop and grow. Your talent is like a baby, and left unattended, will show signs of neglect. Often times we are so eager to see the growth and the fruit of our labor, that we forget there is a process of maturity that takes place: we want the gift, but don’t want to work very hard for it.


The Bible tells us that we are all given gifts, some more than the other, and it is a disservice to God to doubt our potential in these gifts and talents He has put inside of us. Lack of finances, time, not having the right connections, being uncertain of our abilities, are mere excuses. Talent isn’t measured by the raving reviews received on social media, nor the frequency of calls to showcase said talent. Instead, it is a matter of whether or not we honor God with what He has put inside of each of us.

Gifts and talents are not always tangible, as I came to realize. 1 Corinthians 12 goes into great detail about each spiritual gift and how we are to use it in the Kingdom and to an extent, the world.

There is much talent to be birthed out of us, but fear, insecurity and doubt have plagued our minds into thinking “nobody wants to read what I have to write”, “nobody would want to source this invention anyway”, “nobody thinks my artwork is any good, so I may as well stop”.

Be bold enough and brave enough to step out in faith and tap-dance your way into uncovering your talent.

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