The Way of Love ~ Part Five

The Way of Love ~ Part Five

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant.

1 Corinthians 13:4

Lord, This morning You brought the kindest love into my life that showed great patience with my aching heart. I’m really not surprised by this since You care for me so tenderly, but I am so thankful that this love-in-action came when I needed it most. Thank you for two dear friends who took the time to encourage me with such sweet love.  May I pay it forward and humbly be an instrument of Your love. And may I model the way of love.

There are times we all experience hurt that brings us to a low point in our life. This certainly doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling close to the Lord, but it does mean we need people in our lives who come along to fill us with love when we are feeling empty. God designed us to need one another to live out community in a way that honors Him.

He has given us the clear instructions on how to do this: love one another.

It thrills me when the people in my community bring love to the table.  Great, big, extravagant bowls of love that are served in heaping portions that fill our hearts. When love is served with patience, we are ministered to, and our hearts begin to heal.

The Way of Love - red heart serving bowl

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Sometimes serving up love is with food, flowers, cards, and other gifts. Sometimes, though, it’s simply holding a hand and offering a hug.

Be a server of love.


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