This is a Test ~

This is a test.

When I was in high school, I dreaded tests for a couple of reasons. The first was I had not studied well due to so much social activity, and the other was my brain seemed to freeze up, even if I knew the material well.

Later, when I returned to college as an adult learner, I was shocked at the difference a little time made in my learning and test-taking. Okay, to be fair, it was a LOT of time.

I attended college right after high school, focusing on marketing. And then life happened: I was married, started a family, formed my wall-art company, and I never returned to finish my degree.

Then along came the recession, and my life was turned  upside down. Like many people, I found myself floundering, picking up temporary work where I could, creating wall murals here and there, and cutting back on everything I could. Who needs steak when there is so much you can do with tuna fish, right?

I found myself in a testing time: God was going to teach me how to lean entirely on Him, learn to trust Him, and find a new life focus. There were many times that God was very quiet: He wanted to teach me the importance of putting my faith in Him, not in the world.

Teachers quiet during test

There were many times I wondered about this whole going back to school at 58, but the Lord kept pushing me to talk to an enrollment counselor. I wondered, why would God care about me returning to college?

However, I took a leap of faith, listened to my Teacher, and began one of the most exciting adventures of my life. I fell in love with learning, watched the Lord lead me to look at various career possibilities, and celebrated when I landed in a Christian Ministries program at Arizona Christian University.

In four months, I will joyfully walk down the aisle with other adult learners who have also selected a Christian Ministries degree.  Among us will be adult business and behavior science majors, too. As I write this article, I am leaning towards continuing on in my studies I will continue with my studies with a Master’s in Theology . . .  The study of God, my greatest Teacher and Test-Giver ever!

Take the test of life and ask the Lord how He can use you best!  His plan for you may be college, perhaps a move to a new job, or city. Whatever it is, just take your test and trust Him! He will direct your paths!

Prayer - direct my path

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