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Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

My parents bought a couple of woody acres in the mountains when I was in the fourth grade and we used to camp there. The lot was on a hilly terrain and over the years they lovingly built a cabin, complete with a bunkhouse, for the kids.

We spent every summer and many weekends up north and had no television there for a very long time. We weren’t really TV kids back then anyway: mini-bikes, fishing, exploring and late night reading were all part of our entertainment.

And jigsaw puzzles.

puzzle pieces

We loved putting puzzles together: all 4 of us kids plus my parents would work on one, on and off, as we passed the puzzle table. One rainy day the whole family was working on a gigantic puzzle and when we came to the end, we discovered a missing piece. We searched everywhere for it and only after looking for at least 5 minutes did my little brother pull it out of his pocket. Smiling, he exclaimed he wanted to add the last piece because it was the most important.

Putting our trust in the Lord is like a puzzle at times. We want to hold back a piece of ourselves, not surrendering our “all” to Him. We subconsciously can’t believe He would care enough, love us enough, or have enough power to change our lives.I think the reason for this lack of complete faith is that we are not God so we don’t quite get it

As humans, we are not completely trustworthy.  We try to be and most of us are to a point, but there is a part of us that reserves a little piece of a puzzle, just in case we need it.

In order to fully trust the Lord, we can’t lean on our human understanding. When we ‘re putting our trust in Him for a particular situation, we really need to pray for His help in teaching us to trust Him. Banning the enemy of God from trying to deceive us, we need to come to God with the trust of a little child.

We must put our whole heart into trusting Him. And when we do, our lives will forever be changed.

Is it hard to put all of our trust in God? Sure it is . . . and that’s what faith is all about. Keeping a journal of your trials and how God rescues you time and time again will help you to see that He is faithful and consistent in His love for you. His love never fails.

This acronym might help:

Trials bring us to the point of trusting God

Rest in God’s ability to put the puzzle pieces together

Unending awareness of God’s holiness, love and power  

Surrender to God your anxieties, worries, frets, burdens

Thankful for God’s better plan than our own.


Father, forgive my lack of trust in You. Your example of trustworthiness in my life never fails. I fail, but You do not. Thank You for Your amazing love. Thank You for my life lessons.

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