Verse of the Day ~ December 19, 2015

Psalm 10 O Lord, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear.
Psalm 10:17

We are blessed beyond measure to have the Lord care so much about us that He hears our desires and will strengthen our hearts.  He listens to us and He wants to help us. And he often uses other people to step into our lives to make a difference.

Maybe you’re alone, but not lonely, enjoying this time in your life where you can do whatever you choose to. Or maybe you feel lonely, but aren’t alone, living in a house of people, but you sense something is amiss and there is a empty lingering feeling.

Or maybe there are  people surrounding you with love and you’re in a full season of joy in your life.

We have different seasons we travel through with a backpack full of joys, praises and celebrations. Sometimes though our backpack is heavy, laden with sorrows, loneliness, and trials that are unbearable.

My heart breaks for the lonely since I have experienced it at times in my past. And giving absolutely anything from our hearts to them has an enormous impact on encouraging their hearts. As our wonderful Lord hears their cries, let’s be encouragers to them. Not just at Christmas, but always, but for this beautiful Christmas season, let’s make something special come their way.

Let’s be heart-givers through the power of God’s love.

Let’s be people who lift up the lonely. Maybe this is a season in your life where you have an abundance of money: share it with little appreciation gifts. Or maybe you have a lot of extra time. Use your time to cheer up the lonely, the afflicted, the people who have heavy hearts.

Let’s be ambassadors of the Lord’s and allow Him to use us to strengthen hearts.

little prayer power of love 12-19-15

Source: Seeking Jesus


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