Verse of the Day ~ Acts 5:29

Verse of the Day

“We must obey God rather than men.”
Acts 5:29

What happens when a person tells us to do something that is completely against what God tells us to do? How do we handle it? Our verse of the day is clear we need to obey God, right? So what does it look like to obey God in a real situation? Let me share my story.

A situation like this happened many years ago when my husband and I were asked to give a bid for a job that would change our lives. We were young, having been married for a few years with our first child. A mini-recession hit us hard in the late 80’s, and we were finally back on our feet, working hard. We poured over the project details, figuring out everything the best we could so we wouldn’t overcharge, but also wouldn’t lose money. Ready to place our bid, my husband received a phone call the night before we delivered it. The man was letting him know that we would win the bid if we would pay him a percentage of the job.  A bribe! We were shocked, crushed, disappointed, and angry.  This person was a Christian just as we were, and he wanted us to steal from the other potential bidders to win.

We filed our bid without agreeing to the bribe, and of course didn’t get the job. But we obeyed God through knowing what His Word said about unequal weights and accurate scales (Proverbs 20:23). You probably expect to hear the Lord gave us bigger and better jobs, right? He didn’t. Nothing extraordinary ever happened. But we slept with a clear conscious, knowing we didn’t disappoint the Lord.

And after all, our rewards are in heaven.

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